Josef Roidl
„The nicest inns of Ratisbona and its surrounding area”

H. Gietl Verlag & Publikationsservice GmbH
1. edition 2009/2010

Zum Steidlewirt


The street „Am Ölberg” branches off the Gesandtenstraße southward. Shortly before the entrance to the Ägidienplatz, on the left hand side, easy to overlook, there it is: the Steidlewirt, the probably smallest inn in Ratisbona. It was founded in 1959 by Ferdinand Steidle, who wanted to slow down a bit after being for many years the innkeeper of the Gravenreuther. In 1991 Lisa Weindl and Wolfgang Petzold took over the Steidlewirt. A small staircase leads down to the general room where only about 40 persons find place. Already while entering you can perceive the love for music around here. In a musician’s corner all kind of instruments are hanging from the wall and the ceiling. “Music is our passion” say the innkeepers and add, that musicians are always welcome here. The repertoire ranges from country music to jazz. Periodically the so-called Musikantensteidle takes place responding to the similar sounding title of a music-show on TV. The owners are modern and open-minded people who do like tradition, but are interested in new ideas as well. Regularly they go to Italy to buy wine. Back at home they present to their guests at specialty-weekends their new discoveries.

There is a small but fine selection of wines and the best beers of the region. The cooking of Lisa Weindl is well known and appreciated and refuses to fit in any cliché. “I’m cooking as if I was at home and at home I wouldn’t serve roast pork each and every day!” That’s what describes it the best. Along with venison pot with German spaetzle you also find meals like chili noodles with chive, garlic and feta in the menu or haunch of lamb with Italian dumplings. Not everything is typical Bavarian, but it is always upright and carefully done. We like this mixture. You feel immediately at home in the Steidle and after some evening at the warm stove you are leaving this small idyll only reluctantly.


The probably smallest and most charming inn of Ratisbona is an inside tip. The mixture of Bavarian cosiness and cosmopolitan attitude, an upright, genuine cooking make this inn so very likeable.